Congregational Access

Our church administration package has a “Congregation Access” feature which allows parishioners (i.e. anyone with a good email address in our database) to access and update their own record. Parishioners can access their own contribution statements, picture directories, and calendar events as well.

We have placed a “Congregation Access” link at the end of this article which will take you to the database where you will be asked to provide your email address* and access code**.

*You must enter the email address that matches the email address that is entered in your record.

**The Access Code is a secure, randomly generated password that cannot be changed. If you do not know your access code, or if you have not previously logged in to Congregation Access, we will email you a new access code to the email address entered in your record. Once you have logged into Congregation Access, you’ll be able to view and update your profile, as well as the profiles of other family members. We have set the system so that you will also be able to view your contribution history, member directories, and upcoming events.

Contact:  if you need to register as a new parishioner or have changed your email address.