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St Paul’s United Methodist Church

Socorro, New Mexico


Worship Guide – February 28,  2021

2nd Sunday of Lent


Prepare your hearts for worship


Song of Praise

The Summons FWS#2130


Welcome and Opening Prayer

As we worship together at home, let us give thanks for our community and greet each other online if possible, or with a phone call, text message or handwritten note later. 


Pastoral Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

God, you loved the world so much

that you embraced it in all its suffering

in your beloved Son Jesus Christ,

who sought the way of the cross

that he might come to Easter

and offer us the way back to you.


We thank you for this space apart,

not just on this Sunday morning

but in the weeks that are to come –

space to become more receptive

to the incredible promise of new life:

life to challenge all that is deathly in our world,

life to challenge all that is dull in our hearts.


Help us to use this time,

not just in prayer at worship,

but in the thoughtfulness

in which we go about these coming days,

listening for your voice in all we do,

as you challenge the habits that restrict us

and the assumptions that close our minds.


Help us also to be aware of others

who at this time are examining themselves,

whether from religious duty

or because they have reached a turning point,

in a career, or in a relationship, or in a crisis.


Give us an ear that listens

that we may find the words to sustain

and the openness to learn

through Jesus Christ,

our deliverance and our hope. Amen.

And now with the confidence of whose we are, we offer the prayer Jesus has taught us,

Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,

On earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom, and the power,

And the glory forever. Amen.


Methodist Minute – Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday)

Prayer Requests

visit http://spumc-socorro.org/pray-with-us/


Prayers and Petitions


You are a God of compassion and love.

Time after time we have experienced your care and provision.

Time after time You’ve answered our prayers and met our needs—

often in ways we could never have dreamed possible.

We praise You for Your faithful love toward us.

Because we have known Your love,

we come to You with confidence,

offering our prayers for the world that You love.

We see so much pain and suffering;

so much anger and frustration and despair.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the needs around us.

But we continue to bring our prayers to You in faith,

because we know that nothing is impossible for You.

You are the God who rained down bread from heaven,

and made water flow from a rock in the desert;

the God who resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead,

and who brings new life and hope to all who believe.

For You, all things are possible.

Hear our prayers.

We pray for those suffering the effects of natural disasters, especially the recent winter storms

We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer.

We pray for the regions of our world caught up in violence and threats of violence:

We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer.



We pray for those who live with serious illness,

those with chronic pain,

those without access to proper medical care,

those for whom treatment is no longer an option.

And especially for those recovering from COVID-19

We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer.



We pray for those who are alone, lonely, feeling forgotten and unloved

We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer.



We pray for all who are suffering from COVID, the business owners facing financial ruin, workers desperate to keep their jobs, or desperately looking for work, the educators working to teach our children in the midst of so much that is different,

We pray to the Lord, Lord hear our prayer. 


Merciful God,

You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ, to show us a different way to live—

the way of deep humility and obedience.

You’ve called us to love one another,

and to work together with one heart and mind,

balancing our needs with the needs of those around us.

Give us courage to follow faithfully, and with integrity—

with actions that bear witness to the words we speak,

and worship that overflows into our daily tasks and relationships—

so that our lives will bring glory and honor to You,

our Redeemer and Lord. Amen.


Special Music                       

Lord of the Dance UMH #261            Lynn Brandvold, Ruby Hunyady, dulcimer


Gospel Reading                     John 3:1-17                                         Kristal Kent

Sermon                       The Wilderness: Walking in the Dark                  Pastor Cazandra



May we find the road that leads to life;

may we take the turns that brings right relationships;

may we pause to accompany others on the way;

and may we journey with God through Lent,

and long for the horizon and dawn.


And the grace. Amen.






Contact Us:

1000 Goad Street

Socorro, NM 87801



Meet Our Pastor

Cazandra Campos-MacDonald

Weekly Reminders

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry has resumed on Tuesdays at 5pm in the Fellowship Hall
  • Mid-week Pastor’s Newsletter (MailChimp)
  • Pastor’s Office Hours Thursdays 10am-3pm
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study meets at 10am via Zoom. Contact stpaulsocorro@gmail.com to be added to the group
  • Women;s Bible Study also meets on Thursdays at 6pm (Zoom) email Darla Bejnar (dhbejnar54@gmail.com)  to be added to this group.
  • Look for Sunday’s Online Worship (via YouTube) available by 10am each Sunday morning along with a Worship Guide posted here and via MailChimp.

A meeting of the “Coming Back to Church” Task Force has been scheduled for February 11th at 3pm.  Stay tuned for further announcements regarding resumption of in person worship.

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