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Cookie Crusade August 12th

As a way to let our community know that God loves them and that we appreciate all that they do for us

 St Paul’s is sponsoring a Cookie Crusade on August 12th.  We’ll be delivering cookies to school faculty/staff, city workers, etc. and you can help. 

We’re asking everyone to participates by baking 5 dozen cookies. We also need flat boxes (the kind that cans come in) Please help us by baking, and saving boxes for this project.

Contact Pat Romero pat.billyr@gmail.com to sign up. Cookies may be brought to church on Sunday, August 8th or the morning of August 15th.

If you would like to help pack cookies and make deliveries, please let Pat know.

Many hands make for light work and a sweet treat is a beautiful blessing for those working in our community.


The Haacks celebrate their 68th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday, July 25th was the 68th wedding anniversary of our own Ruth and Howard Haack.  Their anniversary was celebrated during the service and their daughter, Darla Bejnar, brough beautiful flowers for the altar in their honor.

    St Paul’s
United Methodist Church
1000 Goad Street
Socorro, New Mexico

Changing Lives One At A Time

Sunday, August 1, 2021
10th Sunday after Pentecost


Prelude                   Sweet Hour of Prayer            Sue Borchers

*Call to Worship

One: Lead a life worthy of your calling.
Many: We cannot do this alone, we dare not try this alone, so we gather as God’s people.
One: Lead a life filled with the gifts of your calling, gifts to be used with service and meekness.
Many: We come to build up Christ’s Body, in humility and gentleness, with patience and love.
One: Lead a life which reflects your calling, that life of peace grounded in the Spirit.
Many: We rejoice in our oneness in Christ; we would share the grace offered to us.
One: Live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.
Many: We gather as God’s family at the Table prepared for us, waiting to be fed by the Bread of life.

*Hymn                                             Gather Us In                      TFWS # 2236

Methodist Minute                                                         Three Simple Rules

Prayer for Illumination
Holy God, Word made flesh, let us come to this word open to being surprised. Silence our agendas; banish our assumptions; cast out our casual detachment. Confound our expectations; clear the cobwebs from our ears; penetrate the corners of our hearts with this word. We know that you can, we pray that you will, and we wait with great anticipation. Amen.

Reading                                             Psalm 51:1-12                    Darla Bejnar

Prayers of the People                               Sharing our joys and concerns
Responsive Prayer                                                    Lord, hear our prayer.

Confession, Assurance and Pardon                                         UMH pg. 12
Offering         Please place your gifts in the basket upon leaving the sanctuary

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Special Music                            Your Love, O Lord            DennyLumos                                                                                                  
New Testament Reading         Ephesians 4:1-16              Darla Bejnar

Sermon                                          A Life Worthy           Pastor Cazandra

The Great Thanksgiving                                                          UMH pg. 13

*Hymn                                             Just As I Am                        UMH #357

Let us go into the world with God’s gifts.
We will perform God’s works of mercy and life.
Let us go into the world with the Bread of heaven in our hands.
We will share Christ’s grace which gives life to everyone.
Let us go as the one body of faith and fellowship.
We will to witness to the one Spirit of hope and faith.

Postlude   May the Lord Bless and Keep You Lynn Brandvold

Please wait for the ushers to dismiss each row after worship.
Let us enjoy fellowship after worship outside of the sanctuary.

* Please stand as you are able
Do you have a prayer concern to share? An update on a concern? Fill out a card and drop it in the offering plate. You may also visit our website to share your concern and sign up to receive updates.

We are the Shampoo Church! Stop by the Dollar Store and pick up shampoo to donate to the Socorro Storehouse. This will be an ongoing ministry to help with their needs.

Save the Date! St. Paul’s will host a Blood Drive on Thursday August 26th from 10 am to 2 pm. Please visit www.vitalant.org to sign up.

Weekly Events

  • Tuesday       Prayer Shawl Ministry 5-6 pm.
  • Tuesday       Reckless Love, Zoom Bible Study, 6-7 pm , (7/13-8/24)  email   pastor@spumc-socorro.org for more information
  • Thursday      Women’s Bible Study via Zoom 6-7:30pm
  • Saturday      Jam Session 4-5 pm

For Zoom Bible Study information, email stpaulsocorro@gmail.com

Postcards in Pews – Are you missing seeing a familiar face in worship? Is a member of our church family on your mind? Take a postcard from the back of the pew, fill out your sentiment and put the person’s name on the opposite side. Place it in the offering plate and Pastor Cazandra will put their address and stamp on it for you!

Are you receiving our weekly newsletters via email? If not, email stpaulsocorro@gmail.com to be added to the list.

Are you visiting? Thank you for joining us today. Please complete a visitor card, available from the ushers.



Next week’s service attendants:
Scripture reader: Kristal Kent
Ushers: Peter Comstock, Kenny Hoke
Pastor: Rev. Cazandra Campos-MacDonald
Reader/Liturgist: Darla Bejnar
Musicians: Sue Borchers, Lynn Brandvold, Denny Lumos
Video/Sound: Steve Hunyady, Caeleb MacDonald 

                                                                                                                          CONTACT US
Office Hours: Thursdays 10 – 3 pm
Church office:  575-322-0528
Office email: stpaulsocorro@gmail.com
Cazandra’s email: pastor@spumc-socorro.org




Contact Us:

1000 Goad Street

Socorro, NM 87801



Meet Our Pastor

Cazandra Campos-MacDonald

Weekly Reminders

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry meets Tuesdays at 5pm in the Narthax
  • Mid-week Pastor’s Newsletter (MailChimp)
  • Pastor’s Office Hours  Thursday, 10am-3pm
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study is on hiatus. Evening Women’s Study will meet at 6pm via Zoom.  Contact stpaulsocorro@gmail.com to be added to either group
  • Join St Paul’s jammers in the Narthex  at 4pm on Saturday afternoons.
  • Sunday service is at 10am
  • Look for Sunday’s Online Worship (via YouTube) late Sunday afternoon. Worship Guide posted here and via MailChimp.


Online Giving

Help us help our community by giving online

We have activated our online giving system and we hope that you will use the button below to access the Online Giving page.  Because we are obligated to provide a record of your donations you will need to register for this online service and set the parameters for your account.  We are hoping that you will take advantage of this service especially while we are practicing “social distancing”.  You can choose from credit and debit cards, ACH direct withdrawal and text messaging.  All of these services require a small fee.  Please help us get as much of your donation to St Paul’s as possible by using the ACH method if you can (it has the lowest fees) and/or agreeing to pay the extra fee involved.  This will mean so very much to our mission programs.  If you need help please contact us at: Online Giving Help