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We’ve created this space for church news, important updates and information that parishioners may need on a continuing basis such as the. Church Council List

The Church Council is the adminstrative body of the church with members elected annually/or as dictated by the Book of Discipline.  It meets every other month, more often if special need arise. Anyone interested in serving as an officer or committee member should contact Pastor Cazandra who is chair of the Lay Leadership Committee.


Church Council 2021

Council ChairGloria TackerAppointed Annually
Annual Conference DelegateGloria TackerAppointed Annually
Annual Conference Alternate DelegateDarla BejnarAppointed Annually
Finance Committee ChairLynn BrandvoldAppointed Annually
Foundation President Betty HoustonElected Annually
Lay LeaderDarla BejnarAppointed Annually
Missions ChairLoretta LowmanAppointed Annually
PastorCazandra Campos-MacDonaldAppointed byNew Mexico Annual Conference
Pastor Parish Relations ChairPeter ComstockClass of 2023
TreasurerEdna ComstockAppointed Annually
Trustee ChairKenny HokeClass of 2021
Worship ChairDarla BejnarAppointed Annually
Board of Trustees
Class of 2021Kate Burleigh
Kenny Hoke
Class of 2022Robin McGee
Class of 2023Henry Newton
Committee on Lay LeadershipThe Pastor chairs this committee
Class of 2021Gloria Tacker
Class of 2022Bryan Hurtgen
Class of 2023Edna Comstock
Finance CommitteeMembership on thsi committee set by Book of Discipline
Church Council ChairGloria Tacker
Delegate to Annual ConferenceGloria Tacker
Finance Committee ChairLynn Brandvold
Lay LeaderDarla Bejnar
Pastor Parish Relations Committee ChairPeter Comstock
Representative of TrusteesKenny Hoke
TreasurerEdna Comstock
PastorCazandra Campos-MacDonald
This committee also has two at-large membersSuzanne BorchersJane Farmer
Foundation Board
Chair of BoardBetty Houston
TreasurerEdna Comstock
SecretaryLynn Bandvold
MembersJane FarmerCandy Smith
Jane Smoake
Pastor-Parish Relations Committee5-9 member. Must be a church member to serve on this committeeBOD recommends that a Young Adult and a youth serve on this Committee
Class of 2021Pat Fierro
Class of 2022Kate Burleigh
Kristal Kent
Class of 2023Peter Comstock, Chair
Worship Committee
ChairDarla Bejnar
Choir DirectorKristal Kent
MusiciansLynn Brandvold
Suzanne Borchers
PastorCazandra Campos-MacDonald
Admin.Edna Comstock

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