What can followers of Christ use daily to spread the Good News? Their words. I read that on average, people speak approximately 16,000 words daily. This is an astounding number. For the most part I work to use my words to encourage and lift others up, but I know I have my moments when a few words spoken can be hurtful. All of us have times when our words can cut others down or plant seeds of doubt. Perhaps a reminder about not only our words, but our heart is in order.

What fills the heart comes out of the mouth. Good people bring out good things from their good treasure. But evil people bring out evil things from their evil treasure. I tell you that people will have to answer on Judgment Day for every useless word they speak. By your words, you will be either judged innocent or condemned as guilty. (Matt 12:34-37 CEB).

There is nothing I want more than to be a Christ-follower who loves with abandon. This kind of love is often shared through conversation or prayer. I love the image in Matthew of our heart being filled with treasure. Maybe the image of a treasure chest overflowing with gold coins comes to mind. For others, the heart is filled with the feeling received when hugging a grandchild or holding a baby. Perhaps it is the feeling a person has when singing or playing music. This love that lives in our hearts comes out into the world through our actions and words.

Almighty God, may we consider the treasure in our hearts. Our treasure is one to be shared and not hoarded. May we use our words to spread the treasure of your love to all who will listen. In Christ’s name, Amen.