Possibly more than any other part of the Bible, the Psalms help us explore the depths of our souls. They give us words that help describe our doubts and frustrations and give voice to our joys in the Lord. In Psalm 73, a man named Asaph shares a frustration that is familiar to many.

Asaph was a devout follower of God. He was faithful, a worship leader, and despite his faithfulness, his life was plagued by difficulty. He saw how others lived lives that were filled with joy and blessings and regardless of how hard he worked to be a follower of God, he did not experience the same happiness.

Asaph looks at the wicked and sees how they have no regard for God, yet they prosper.

“I observed how the wicked are well off:
They suffer no pain; their bodies are fit and strong.
They are never in trouble; they aren’t weighed down like other people.
That’s why they wear arrogance like a necklace, why violence covers them like clothes.
Their eyes bulge out from eating so well; their hearts overflow with delusions.
They scoff and talk so cruel; from their privileged positions they plan oppression.
Their mouths dare to speak against heaven! Their tongues roam the earth!
That’s why people keep going back to them, keep approving what they say.
And what they say is this: “How could God possibly know! Does the Most High know anything at all!”
Look at these wicked ones, always relaxed, piling up the wealth” (vs. 3b – 12)!

Asaph takes stock of the lives of the wicked and his own life of pursuing a right path with God and determines that to follow God is in vain. It leads to hardships and struggles.

I wish we knew exactly the hardships Asaph faced. We see Asaph cry out to God to understand why the wicked were happy and he suffered. But then Asaph realizes that while the wicked may prosper in this life, in the end, they will experience judgment by God. It is through this realization that Asaph can see the foolishness of his thinking.

“My body and my heart fail, but God is my heart’s rock and my share forever” (vs. 26).

Asaph is reminded of the grace and sufficiency that is only available in God. When trusting in the Almighty, we find our joy, and only then can experience true contentment despite our circumstances.

Are you in difficult times right now? Remember, Beloved, that through the darkest moments, God is with you. God is good to all who trust in Him.