“Save me God, because the waters have reached my neck! I have sunk into deep mud. My feet can’t touch the bottom! I have entered deep water; the flood has swept me up.” Psalm 69:1-2

Life is filled with surprises, and they are not always pleasant. A surprise visit from a friend is a welcomed treat, but when a bombshell is dropped and our life implodes, a surprise takes a different meaning. When life gets difficult and there seems to be no solution to a problem, it is easy to feel alone and desperate. Can anyone understand what I am going through? Is there a solution? What am I going to do?

The Psalms are filled with moments when God’s people are both celebrating and struggling. Difficult situations in our lives can bring anger, sadness, grief, and confusion. Figuring out how to cope with circumstances that take you by surprise are challenging and it is easy to feel alone. In challenging times, we need to rely on the Word of God to help move forward.

Psalm 69 begins with a prayer by the psalmist, calling out to God in desperation. The image of floodwaters threatening to overtake the psalmist is given, but in verse 3 we see the psalmist thirsty for God. The psalmist is suffering.

“You know full well the insults I’ve received; you know my shame and my disgrace. All my adversaries are right there in front of you.” Psalm 69:19

God knows how we feel when we mess up. God also knows how our hearts break when we are attacked by others. It is only God who sees the truth in all situations whether we are the cause for the problem or the victim.

“I will praise God’s name with song; I will magnify him with thanks because that is more pleasing to the LORD than an ox, mor pleasing than a young bull with full horns and hooves.” Psalm 69:30-31a

Should we call out to God when we need help? Absolutely! But we should also shout our praises to the One who sees us. In the moments when life brings unexpected surprises that seem to have no solution, take time to cry out to God. Admit your wrongdoings when you know you fail. Celebrate the moments when you do the right things. And when others misunderstand your actions, ask God to help others understand your intentions.

Beloved, you are never alone. Do not simply cry out to God for help in times of trouble, also sing praises to the One who sees your heart.