Memorial Day is a time where we honor and mourn the military personnel who have died in the performance of their military duties while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Our resident poet, Kenny D. Hoke, offers us some words today.

The Forgotten By Kenny D. Hoke

‘Tis time to remember the fallen from all the foreign wars, from the secret one in Laos to the mountains and sands of Afghanistan all the brave young men that shall never come home again left on beaches and shores, jungles and seas.

They gave their lives so that others could be free, not just in our own country but wherever there was tyranny.

There is not a land untouched by our brave lads that helped them in their time of need, all those soldiers and sailors or any that wore the uniform, doctors, and nurses or the sad old Padre who spoke words of comfort as they held their dying hand.

This is not a day for bar-b-ques and beer but a day to reflect on our Fallen and to remember them and the families that loved them dear, the widow and child that are left without them here, mothers and fathers that had to bury the memory of their sons and daughters left in trenches, oceans, and forgotten lands.

So on this day, I ask you to bow your heads and fold your hands and say a prayer for the families of those Forgotten Lasses and Lads, many who lay to rest in unmarked graves in far and distant lands.