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St Paul's United Methodist Church

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A Tribute to our Veterans for Armistice Daty

In Peace Time or War

By Kenny D. Hoke

 It is the vetrans we honor on this very day

whether they served in peace time or war
on foreign lands and distant shores.
They served their country and many died.
 They answered the call and we waved good-bye.
Their mothers cried while fathers tried to smile
as they dried their wives’ eyes,
 remembering the day they, too, raised their hand
and swore to serve, for their country and flag,
on any given shore whether in peace time or war.
 They stood in the gap and wrote the check
 pledging their lives if the need did arise.
 They followed the orders of those in command;
 even the ones they hated or abhorred,
they followed them, whether in peace time or war.
So remember them this day and to all that they swore.
Honor their lives and memories, their families and home,
 whether they served in peace time or war.


By Kenny D. Hoke


Today is the day no more soldiers or heroes would fall.

It was supposed to be The War to bring an end to them all;

And the guns would all be silent.

Oh, how I wish it were true!


Over the years the cry would come to answer the call

As once again peace would fall

And men would give in to the violent ways

And the guns would be silent no more.


No matter their names or where they fought,

Leaving their homes and their lands,

Our young stepped up without one thought

But to pick up arms and lend a hand.


We hope for the day when we no longer have to fight for

But that day is not yet at hand.

So honor the lasses and lads who have fought

In those places that some thought God had forgot

That there might be peace

And the guns will be silent at last.

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