What a wonderful service we had this morning. The Jam Group brought us great joy and simply being together in the same space to worship is something to never again take for granted. On this Mother’s Day, Kenny Hoke offers us some special pieces from his heart. Thank you, Kenny!

Thoughts on Mother’s Day, by Kenny D. Hoke

Mothers are a very important part of our lives, where would any of us be without them? It is not our intent as children, or as husbands, to drive our mothers or wives nuts. It is just our nature, or nurture. I am not sure if it comes naturally as children to drive our mothers up a wall or if we learn it from our fathers. “Mom, have you seen my soccer cleats? Where is my homework? I need 3 dozen cookies for school, today.” “Honey, where’s my briefcase? Have you seen my drill? Oh, by the way, I’m bringing home the boss for dinner tonight.” I am sure some mothers’/wives’ aggravation comes from not enough sleep – from taking care of everyone else. Ask any mother or wife if she gets enough sleep and she will probably answer something to the effect of, “Well, I close my eyes when I sneeze, does that count?”

And sometimes I know a mother’s biggest fear comes from the simple phrases like, “Yep, I did it just like you told me to.” At that point mothers around the world hang their head with hands over the face and say, “And just what did I tell you to do?” It is always something kind of close, but still way off. Like, “Did you clean your floor?” only to check and find the floor is clean, but of course everything is on the bed. And there is no dirt on the floor mostly because everything is on the bed and she can still see the vacuum marks from the last time she vacuumed the floor. And that’s when it’s noticed that the clean laundry she asked them to put in their room last week went on the floor to absorb the pizza and coke they spilled. Or when we are older and your wife says, “Honey, the garage is too crowded to get the car in. Can you clean it please, it looks like a lot of junk is in there.” And after asking and getting that fatal reply, “Just like you said,” she looks and finds the summer clothes that were boxed up neatly are now sitting at the curb and she has to go explain to the woman that thinks she found a treasure, “I am so sorry. I asked my husband to clean the garage.” And the other woman nods her head and says, “I understand” and helps carry it all back to the house.

I know that sometimes I am more than just a card-carrying member of this Army of Aggravation but the Commanding General of their force. That being said, on behalf of all the troops involved, we really don’t mean to drive you up the walls you just washed, especially when we bleed on or wipe off our greasy self with the white towel in the guest bathroom (Yes, we really are clueless sometimes.) We really do love and care about you and we would promise to try harder but know what kind of worry that might bring. Just know, deep down, we do try our best to show you how much we love and care about you, and truly mean it when we say, “May you have a great Mother’s Day!”

Pray for your Mother this Day by Kenny D. Hoke

She cared for your soul before you were born

protected your life while you were knit whole

Clothed and cared for you every hour of the day

led you through life and never let you stray


Warned you and would scold you

when you went the wrong way

She would laugh and cry because of the things you did

especially the shenanigans you thought you hid


A bigger fan in this life you have never known

she loved you even before she brought you home


So, thank her this day and remember her as you pray

May God bless her and keep her this and every day


Happy Mother’s Day!

The only affirmation that matters is from God!