I have always felt the power of the light. It shines in New Mexico most days of the year and it brings warmth, nourishment for harvests, and reveals the beauty in our surroundings. I also see the light shine in many people. There are some who simply beam with the light of Christ. It oozes out of their being without their needing to lift a finger. The light of Christ resides in their soul and that is how I want to live my life…with the light of Christ embedded in my soul.

Even those who have the light of Christ in their souls know what it is like to walk in darkness. It is a walk that all humanity experiences at some time in their life. We learn to adjust to different situations and challenges in our path and we keep moving forward until we can see the light again.

In John 12:36, Jesus tells us that when we have the light there is a responsibility put upon us. It is our job to carry the light into the world for others to see and experience. We do not need to preach, teach, or become missionaries, we simply need to carry his light and become a mirror that reflects his love and compassion. We can become the light bulb that shines in hopeless places, and a campfire that warms the soul. Beloved, the darkness will not defeat the light even when we occasionally walk through the dark.

Let us carry the hope of Christ to the world in all that we do, sharing his love and light.