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St Paul’s Updates

St Paul's Updates

We’ve created this space for church news, important updates and information that parishioners may find useful.

All services and meetings have been cancelled until April 10th per the Governor's edict. Decisions about resuming or continuing the hold on meetings will be posted as soon as we are aware of those changes.

 Perhaps the most important information at present is the preaching schedule, since we do not have a permanent pastor.  Our Sunday programming alternates between supply pastors, some of our own parishioners who were willing to share their testimonies of God’s LOVE and musical Sunday’s.  And this will be our plan for the next several months until such time as the New Mexico Annual Conference sends us a replacement pastor.  Please check the schedule often as it will continue to be subject to change as we get more things in place.  If you have questions contact us at:

Preaching Schedule

DateNameLectorUshersChildren's Church TimeFellowship
March 22Regular Service CancelledChurch Open from 10-11:30 for prayer and meditation
March 29Regular Service CancelledChurch Open from 10-11:30 for prayer and meditation
April 5thRegular Service CancelledChurch Open from 10-11:30 for prayer and meditation
April 12th
April 19thTBD
April 26thTBD

Church Council 2020

Administrative Council ChairGloria TackerAppointed Annually
Annual Conference DelegateGloria TackerAppointed Annually
Annual Conference Alternate DelegateDarla BejnarAppointed Annually
Education ChairAppointed Annually
Fellowship ChairMelissa HurtgenAppointed Annually
Finance Committee ChairLynn BrandvoldAppointed Annually
Foundation President Betty HoustonElected Annually
Lay LeaderDarla BejnarAppointed Annually
Missions ChairLoretta LowmanAppointed Annually
PastorAppointed by DIstrict Superintendent
Pastor Parish Relations ChairPeter ComstockClass of 2020
TreasurerEdna ComstockAppointed Annually
Trustee ChairKenny HokeClass of 2021
Worship ChairDarla BejnarAppointed Annually
Board of Trustees
Class of 2020Bob TackerRay Kracke
Class of 2021Kate Burleigh
Kenny Hoke
Class of 2022Henry NewtonRobin McGee
Committee on Lay LeadershipThe Pastor chairs this committee
Class of 2020Susie Welch
Class of 2021Oliver Wingenter
Class of 2022Bryan Hurtgen
Finance CommitteeMembership on thsi committee set by Book of Discipline
Church Council ChairGloria Tacker
Delegate to Annual ConferenceGloria Tacker
Finance Committee ChairLynn Brandvold
Lay LeaderDarla Bejnar
Pastor Parish Relations Committee ChairPeter Comstock
Representative of TrusteesKenny Hoke
TreasurerEdna Comstock
This committee also has two at-large membersSuzanne BorchersJane Farmer
Foundation Board

March 14th Letter to Parishioners

March 14, 2020

Dear Family and Friends of St Paul’s UMC, Socorro,

 As our world, our nation and our city face a major health threat, it falls upon us as a community to adopt measures that will both protect our members and allow us to continue as a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.  So, after careful prayer and consideration, the leadership team has decided not to have a church service this Sunday, March 15th, 2020.  Instead the church will be open from 9 am to 12 noon for anyone who wants to come and pray. We are not acting due to a known current threat to any of our family or friends.  Instead we are looking at being pro-active in order to limit the spread of the COVID 19 virus in our community. 

We’re taking this action because older adults, over the age of 60, are especially vulnerable to this virus, and a large percentage of our congregants fall in this age range. Making this change is our way of being lovingly cautious on behalf of our entire church family. We also want to assure you that we are not acting due to a know current threat to any of our family or friends.  Instead we are looking at being pro-active in order to limit the spread of the COVID 19 virus in our community.

The leadership team will continue to monitor the situation closely and decide whether to hold services on a week to week basis.  Check the church’s website for the most up-to-date information which you will find at: 

Please know that there has been no “deep cleaning of surfaces,” so wash your hands with soap after leaving church.  Also please do not come out if you feel ill at all.  If you need help in any way, call or text a member of the Leadership Team.

the Leadership Team, 

Gloria Tacker, Church Council Chair  505-450-2253

Darla Bejnar, Lay Leader  575-418-8598

Edna Comstock, Treasurer 207-441-1410 

Peter Comstock, PPRC Chair 575-518-8768